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Once upon a time

Once upon a time, a princess, studying Law, was getting bored walking in the law court.
Serendipity, and she gave in to her artistic outbursts, taking her to a successful woman entrepreneur career that lives off her passion for jewelry and beauty..

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The Maison Marbella

The skin jewelry are handcrafted in France inside our own Ateliers – the Maison Marbella.
Our craftsmen-jewelers cultivate a unique know-how
where the prestige of the brand origins from.

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MARBELLA PARIS ~ Luxury skin jewelry

MARBELLA PARIS ~ Luxury skin jewelry

Brand of the Maison MARBELLA ~ luxury skin jewel designer in Paris (France) and Inventor of the patch eyeliner ready-to-wear

Since 2014, MARBELLA PARIS distributes skin jewelery, temporary tattoos and patch eyeliner in the best european department stores such as Bon Marché in Paris.

Marbella jewelry skin are multi-wear - Thanks to its dermo-adhesive technology, temporary tattoos Marbella are re-usable several times over several days or weeks, even months.

Founded in 2005, the Maison Marbella is above all the incredible story of a woman's unique personality; Moniez Adeline, who never ceases to offer women new forms of freedom in expressing their femininity and their inner beauty. Committed to the modern design with respect for traditions and unalterable French elegance, the MARBELLA PARIS brand has quickly established itself as the creator of exceptional jewelry skin, whose creative mastery ..