Madame de Byzance

Luxury Skin Jewel

Made with Swarovski crystals,  the skin jewel 'Madame de Byzance' is a contemporary geometric pattern.

Made in France within Marbella's Ateliers (Picardy)

235,00 € tax incl.

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The skin jewel 'Madame de Byzance' is a contemporary geometric pattern, made with Swarovski crystalsGreat jewelers of Place Vendôme revisit regularly distant horizons jewelry. Marbella plays with this figure of speech and pulls of Greek antiquity this geometric design. The body jewelery "Madame de Byzance" gives you a simple elegance, contemporary and refined.

Very easy to wear, Marbella body jewelry illuminate your beauty. True luxury jewelry, they attract all eyes .

The Marbella jewels are reusable - It comes with a certificate of authenticity well as its Marbella gloss for multiple applications.

Dermatologist tested, wear your body jewelery Marbella safely and repeatedly.


Marbella Paris ~ le luxe de la différence


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TextureSwarovski Crystal
Dimension45x70 mm