Patch eyeliners by Marbella and dermo-adhesive beauty expertise of Marbella Paris, luxury skin jewelry designer (Swarovski crystal or diamond) and patch eye-liner inventor - Made in France certified with care and love


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Eyeliner Patch

- patch eyeliner

Discover Marbella's  beauty know-how  - Luxury kin jewelry Designer (Swarovski crystal or diamond) and inventor of the patch eye-liner - Made in France certified

French Mouche

- Beauty Mark

Discover French Mouche Marbella Paris fine self adhesive jewels, and other innovative creations (Swarovski) by the famous French skin jewelry designer

21,00 €

Eyeliner Patches  With Swarovski cristals, self-adhesive and multi-wear, the Marbella eyeliner patches imitate perfectly the expertise of make-up artists.        Made in France within Marbella's Atelier (Picardy)

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