Edgy, skin jewel is now a must

To enhance your skin's nothing like a beautiful ephemeral tattoo. These jewelry skin emerge as the tendency to follow to boost your looks. A phenomenon that has already conquered all the fashion and beauty world.

As you have noted, tattoos are popular in recent years. Far from the usual rebellious image, the tattoos are now very elegant. The stars are addicted, but before scoring our skin to life, preference test an ephemeral release.

Temporary tattoos are now unavoidable. It's the new fad of beautistas who love fun to add sparkling touches on their skin. The tattoo is a real body jewelry. You will become addicted as your friends! You'll love wearing them as you wish: on the wrists like bracelets; on your ankle; on the bottom of the mini-bikini belly.

Whichever way you wear them, the Marbella jewelry skin will boost your look this summer. In a wink, you leave your usual attire for now a chic bohemian look.

How to use?

Marbella skin jewelry easily carry on a clean dry skin - no need to stick with a cloth wet as temporary tattoos. Marbella jewelry skin as easily withdraw - without using any baby oil or makeup remover.

Thanks to its dermo-adhesive technology, Marbella revolutionizes the temporary tattoo for your best comfort and your greatest pleasure.

Skin jewels Bu Marbella