Ephemeral bracelets Marbella Paris

While tattoo jewelry continues to seduce the entire beauty planet, ephemeral bracelets have become the Must-have of the moment.

So you are entitled to crack for this mini collection of bracelets to wear with skin.

How to use the ephemeral bracelets of Marbella?

It's much simpler than applying decal jewelry..., gently remove the bracelet from its holder and apply it immediately on your wrist or ankle, for an immediate effect chic and discreet.

And you will not need a cotton soaked with oil or milk, or other make-up removers .... the removal of the Marbella bracelet is as simple and fast as its application. So we invite you to wear these jewelry ankle or wrist without moderation .... while mixing styles and associating them with real bracelets for a bohemian-chic look.

Each jewel Marbella carries joy, love and magic, so do not hesitate to wear them as often as you can!

Ephemeral bracelets Marbella Paris