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Eyeliner Patches 

With Swarovski cristals, self-adhesive and multi-wear, the Marbella eyeliner patches imitate perfectly the expertise of make-up artists.

       Made in France within Marbella's Atelier (Picardy)

19,00 €

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Marbella reinvents the art of make-up and created the first multi-wear self-adhesive eyeliner patches. 

Easy to apply on the eyelids, the ready to stick eyeliner imitates perfectly the expertise of the greatest make-up artists.

Marbella plays with materials and declines multiple eyeliners design for your pleasure and your inner beauty...

The Marbella eyeliner patches are self-adhesive and multi-wear - For multiple applications, we recommend the use of false eyelash glue - Suitable for lens wearers.

Dermatologist tested, wear your Marbella eyeliners easily, safely and repeatedly.


Marbella Beauté ~ Easy to wear Everywhere 


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Texture Silicon
Dimension 20x35 mm