French Mouche

High-end beauty mark, self-adhesive and multi-wear, discover the fineness of the beauty mark from the XVIIIe centuries through a new design

Made in France within Marbella's Ateliers (Picardy)
Set of 19 mouches beauté By Marbella

19,00 €

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Marbella reinvents the "French Mouche", the high-end beauty mark that Marquess and Courtesan ladies from the XVIIIe centuries used to wear. It had a certain meaning depending where it was placed and thus reveal a very special character trait. 

Marbella releases those powerful little messages from the past and makes it easy for you to get a fun and glamorous look.

Whatever your feelings, whatever your mood, adorn your face with the Marbella Mouche de Beauté to express them.

To keep them and apply them several times, we recommend the Marbella gloss.

Dermatologist tested, wear your Marbella adornments easily, safely and repeatedly.


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Texture Silicone or velvet (optional)
Dimension 70x50 mm