Temporary Tattoo 

--- Waterproof --- The Temporary Tattoo 'Hirondelles' is inspired by the liberty of swallows.

Made in France within Marbella's Ateliers (Picardy)

19,00 €

HANDMADE - Shipment in 7 days

The tattoo 'Hirondelles' is inspired by the liberty of swallows. 'Hirondelles' tattoo flying onto your tanned skin.

Easy to wear everyday, the Marbella Temporary Tattoo  changes your look in a blink. Different than a traditional tattoo, it's a nice surprise for your friends.

Applied for 3 to 5 days, The Marbella Temporary Tattoos are waterproof.

Feel free to wear it on the beach or to your next pool party

Dermatologist tested, wear your Marbella Temporary Tattoos safely.


Marbella Paris ~ le luxe de la différence


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Texture Silicon
Dimension 100x70 mm